Debasish Sarkar
Debojyoti Bose (Sarod)
Kousic Sen (Tabla)


Debasish Sarkar (Semi-classical vocal)
Kousic Sen (Tabla) &
Allalaghatta Pavan (Tabla)

Saturday, October 7, 2000, 7:00 pm


The Recital Hall,
College of Saint Catherine, Saint Paul

About the artists:

Sarod artist Debojyoti Bose, hails from a musical family. His father, Professor Biswanath Bose was a renowned Tabla teacher and performer. His elder brother Pandit Kumar Bose is acknowledged as one of India’s topmost Tabla artists. Debojyoti has been training with the Sarod Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan for over 15 years now and is considered one of the leading young artists of the Senia Gharana of Sarod. Debojyoti last performed in the Twin Cities in 1990.

Vocalist Debasish Sarkar hails from a family of musicians. Masters such as Ustad Ghulam Mohammad Khan, Sri. Sukhendu Goswami, Ustad Sagiruddin Khan and Sri. Sukumar Mitra have guided his vocal music training. He is now a nationally known composer and vocalist. Over the years he has contributed to the regeneration of music for Kathak and Odissi dances, reviving old compositions with the aid of research. Renowned as a composer, vocalist and instrumentalist, he has participated in various dance and music conferences all over India, the UK. He was invited to perform at The Festival of India at London, UK in 1984. This will be his third USA tour. He is also a consummate master of the harmonium.

Tabla artist Kousic Sen, a child prodigy, was initiated in Tabla playing by Professor Biswanath Bose of the Benares Gharana and later became a disciple of the Tabla wizard Pandit Kumar Bose. Kousic is an accomplished soloist and accompanist, and has performed with many luminaries of Indian dance and music and world music. Over the last decade Kousic has been performing in all the major festivals in India, UK, Europe, Canada and USA.

Allalaghatta Pavan is a Research Scientist at the Honeywell Laboratories, Minneapolis and is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota’s Computer Science Department. Pavan trained for seven years under Sri. Gandam Laxmiah of Hyderabad, the foremost disciple of the renowned Ustad Sheikh Dawood Khan of the Lucknow/Farrukhabad Gharanas of Tabla. He continues his training in Tabla under eminent visiting artists such as Pt. Birju Maharaj, Pt. Vijay Shankar, Sri. Ambika Prasad Mishra and Sri. Gopal Mishra. He has performed on the Tabla several times in programs presented by the Nritya Jyoti Dance Theater, the IMSOM, the Minnesota Dance Alliance and Pangea World Theater. In 1994, Pavan was the featured Tabla player in Minnesota rock artist James Grant's CD "Not the Only World." In 1996, he co- scripted and co-directed "Shishir Utsav" (Winter Festival), leading a 80 member ensemble in a presentation of Indian classical, folk and light music, dance and theater. Pavan teaches Tabla in the Twin Cities. Pavan has been the President of IMSOM since 1997 and has served IMSOM in various capacities since 1990.


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