Malladi Brothers with Trichy Sankaran and Peri Sriramamurthy Sreeram Prasad & Ravikumar (Malladi Brothers)
(Carnatic Vocal Duet)
Trichy Sankaran (Mridangam) &
Peri Sriramamurthy (Violin)

Saturday, June 28, 2003, 7:00 pm


Saint Paul Student Center Theater
University of Minnesota, Saint Paul

About the artists:

Malladi Brothers Sreeram Prasad and Ravikumar were born with a legacy and rich tradition accrued through their grand father Late Malladi Srirama Murthy and through their father, a great Harikatha exponent of his time in Andhra Pradesh. Both the brothers received musical training from their father - vocalist, Malladi Suri Babu, himself a disciple of the great Late Voleti Venkateswarulu. Sangeetha Kalanidhi Nedunuri Krishnamurthy, realizing the potential of Malladi Brothers took them under his guidance to represent his rich style of music. Malladi brothers possess a large repertoire of Carnatic compositions and possess a vibrant and powerful voice. The brothers have been the most sought after young maestros. They have traveled extensively all over India and abroad promoting and preserving the rich traditional music they represent. Malladis have several audio publications to their credit.

A senior violinist in the south Indian tradition, Peri Sriramamurthy was trained by his father Subba Rao of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. He has had nearly 3 decades of experience playing for all top artistes of the country and has earned reputation for his purity and classical values. His names appear on scores of audio recordings, a standing testimony for his popularity as an accompanist. Peri has been on several foreign tours including that of USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. He is currently a staff at the Government Music College, Hyderabad.

Trichy Sankaran is one of the foremost Mridangists representing the Pudukkottai style of Mridangam playing. A disciple of his cousin P.A. Venkatraman and the Late Palani Subramanya Pillai, Sri. Sankaran is one of the top ranking artists of India. Sri. Sankaran has been playing concerts for more than forty years and has accompanied almost all the leading musicians of his time and now. He migrated to Canada in the early seventies and has been serving as Professor of Indian music at York University, Toronto. Sri. Sankaran has patented the Palani style with dexterous brilliance, tuneful accompaniment and Sarvalaghu Suddham. His style blends with almost any performance and his accompaniment to musicians like Semmangudi, Lalgudi, TVS, TNS etc have been a particular delight. At an early age he has played a number of concerts with his Guru Palani as double Mridangam accompaniment. He has traveled widely, participated in many International festivals, collaborated with many western musicians and has received many honors, titles and awards.


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